V-Picks Handmade Guitar Picks

Premium Handmade Picks

Become one with your instrument and improve your connection with it.  V-Picks are premium hand-made picks crafted from a proprietary mixture of acrylics.  These picks play better, sound better and are more slip resistant than the average guitar pick.  With tons of different shapes and carefully calculated bevels, there is a V-Pick available for nearly every playing style.  Players of V-Pick claim to hear sweeter highs, stronger lows with a punchy, singing mid range.  The special blend of materials help the picks react to the temperature and moisture in your fingertips, causing them to become slightly tacky and grip to you while you’re playing.  Alleviating the fumbling or over-gripping you may experience with an average guitar pick, V-Picks allow you to relax your arm, hands and fingers, and just focus on playing your guitar.

There are more and more premium pick options popping up on the market, but unlike the competitors picks (BlueChip, Red Bear Picks, Gravity Picks, etc.), V-Pick offers more style options, better support and the prices are surprisingly reasonable compared to the others. Most models are $4-$5 each, and the most expensive normal stock model is still only $16.  V-Pick is also the first and original company to make this type of product available, with the first prototype
dating back to 1980. Ranging from thin and flexible to very thick picks, and with over 100 models to choose from V-Pick creates a pick for just about any application.  The models include Electric & Acoustic Guitar Picks, Mandolin Picks, Gypsy Jazz Picks, Bass Guitar Picks, Dulcimer Picks and even Therapeutic Picks for players with hand or arm injuries. Even the pros are using V-Picks… join artists like Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Orianthi, Johnny Heiland and Phil Keaggy in the experience of these premium picks!

Hometown stocks 20-25 of the most popular models, but we have access to the entire catalog of V-Picks.

Come in and try out these great models (and more) from V-Pick…


– 1980

The 1980 is the original pick design from the V-Pick line-up.  Dating back to the beginning of the V-Pick concept in 1980, this one-of-a-kind guitar pick has almost 30 years of development and perfection. The unique “Ghost Rim” is an unfinished (un-buffed) rim on the picks, and creates a wonderful, very musical “ghostly whisper” to your picking.


– Tradition Lite

The Tradition Lite pick is V-Pick’s version of the traditional guitar pick that we have been used to playing for the last 40 years. The Lite is 1.5mm, no flex at all.  Great for electric or acoustic playing.  Lead or rhythms.  Also a great mandolin pick.  Once you play this pick, you will realize you have been leaving a lot of sound inside your instrument.  So if you want a pick that is like your Fender Extra Heavy on Steroids, this is the pick for you!  It really packs a punch!  Also available in Sapphire Blue.  Roger Fisher of Heart and Phil Keaggy both play and endorse V-Picks Tradition Lite.


– Red Rocker

One of the most popular V-Picks, the Red Rocker Pick lends itself to tone and speed, and are great for any genre of music. At 1.5mm, and with both rounded and sharp points, the corner of these picks are perfect for flipping around and getting different tones and effects.  These picks are highly recommended to anyone that likes a Fender Extra Heavy pick.


– Saga

The Saga Mandolin Pick is big enough to be comfortable and easy to hold, and yet small enough to be quick and accurate. With great action and a sweet musical tone, you won’t be disappointed in this pick.  Works great on Mandolin and Guitar.






– Pachelli

The Pachouli Pick has the surface shape of a perfect jazz III but with a wider contact area due to the unique bevel.  With months of development with acclaimed guitarist Mike Pachelli, this pick’s 4mm thickness will allow your thumb and 1st finger to be further apart in grip to relieve tenseness and makes you play more fluidly.  For playing those impossibly difficult licks use the rounded edge of the Pachelli pick, and when it’s time to dig in and add a lot of bite to your playing – play with the point of the pick and you’ll be impressed!


– Mummy

The Mummy pick is a thick traditional shaped pick featuring special grinding for better grip. The wrappings are hand ground on a bench grinder and not layered, so no two Mummy picks will be the same.  This pick offers huge tone, huge attitude and lots of attack.




– Screamer

The Screamer is the #1 top selling pick from the V-Pick line-up. Super tone enrichment, extra durable and it stays in your hand!  The longer bevel creates sharp attack, brighter tone & more volume.  This fast action pick has very bright highs and a big low end as well.  Due to the bevel design of the Screamer, you will hear a bit of a mid-range scoop. This pick is great for all styles of playing and is a great starting point for the player that is new to V-Picks.  Available in glow-in-the-dark!



– Psycho

 –  Just in “Limited Edition” Red Psychmade just for Hometown, $19.99

The thickness of the Psycho Pick makes it easy to hold, as you can keep your hand more relaxed and natural.  The mass of this 5.85mm pick produces a lot of energy and results in a much fuller, fatter sound from your instrument.  With a sharp bevel and slightly pointed tips you can achieve more volume with less effort.  The Psycho Pick makes a fantastic bass guitar pick, and is currently played and endorsed by Stu Hamm, Billy Sheehan …and Chuck from Hometown!

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