A Few Inventory Highlights


Hometown is open at 1594 South Main Street, Harrisonburg 

Click  here for more information and a map.

We will be open 10-6 Thursday 12/23 and 10-2 on Christmas Eve
Closed Christmas Day. Otherwise regular hours through Christmas

Regular Hours:
• Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10-6
• Saturday 10-5
(Closed Thursday and Sunday)

(540) 434-4159

We have a good bit of inventory with a few more things still coming in. We do have more in the store than we can show, and things run out or come in faster than we can keep up to date at this time of year. So please feel free to call  540-434-4159 to make sure of what we have. …or just come in and check out our current offerings.

BTW: Don’t trust facebook or instagram for directions, they take you to the old location even though we’ve updated the address.

ProMark Drumsticks!
We recently received this display case stocked with 45+ models of ProMark drum sticks including, FireGrain extra durable heat treated sticks, ActiveGrips sticks that are designed to get less slippery as you play them and Rebound rear-weighted sticks for a more agile feel.  Feel free to come in and check them out.

We just got one each of the three PRS SE Standard 24 finishes.  We’ve been waiting for these since February. Come in and check them out before they’re gone again.

Just in: The Acoustic Junior GO amplifier delivers full, natural, best-in-class performance for acoustic-electric guitar and vocals. This powerful, portable system has two channels designed for instrument or microphone use, each with studio-quality effects. Other convenient features include Bluetooth wireless audio streaming and an onboard 90-second looper perfect for solo shows. And its rechargeable battery means that you can unplug it from the wall and take your music anywhere! $499.99, Also available without the battery option for $399.99.

Both models are in stock as of 11/2/21.


Breedlove’s new acoustic-electric Rainforest S Series, part of the sustainable ECO Collection. Support the environment and sound better than ever with Breedlove’s earth-conscious, sonically superior EcoTonewood technology, …plus beautiful finishes. They look even better in person.

We finally have some Zildjian cymbals

PRS Zach Myers Signature SE and acoustic-electric parlor

We’ve received some Ibanez Talman acoustic-electrics. Great playing small body guitars for only $199.99

We’ve been waiting a while for banjos. We have a a Savannah for $349.99. We also have one model from Ibanez


We finally got a couple of Fender acoustic-electric 12-string guitars back in stock.


We also got some Alvarez guitars back in today.


We’ve received more guitar starter packages with gig bags and accessories. Left to right: Ibanez 3/4 size $149.99, Ibanez concert body $149.99, Fender concert body with solid top and gloss black finish, Ibanez dreadnought $149.99, Fender dreadnought with solid top. We also have several other 3/4 size guitars and one 1/2 size with nylon strings.



More Recently arrived electrics here


We finally have some mandolins!



We just received some interfaces and other products from PreSonus. Click on the image for our recording page.





We have limited quantities of our most popular bass amps in stock while they last. Rumble 15  Rumble 25, rumble 40
We’ve also received some Fender Squier basses


We’ve received more electric guitar amps, including a PRS Sonzera 20 combo, Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb (sold) and our most popular amp, the Mustang LT25 modeling amp

Please see our Amplifiers page for a few highlights.


7 Models of Casio keyboards in stock including:
CDP-S350 Digital piano $549.99
CDP-S150 digital piano $479.99
(Stand for the CDP pianos is $119.99)
CT-X5000 digital keyboard $449.99
CT-X3000 digital keyboard $299.99
WK-6600 76-key keyboard $299.99
CT-X700 digital keyboard $174.99
CT-S300 portable $149.99

The solid Mahogany top Ibanez AW54 is a great value at only $229.99 and it’s one of our best sellers.



Guitar to USB and Microphone to USB cables now available at Hometown. Only $15.99 each

Feel free to give us a call 540-434-4159 to make sure of what we have.

We have a good inventory of Ukuleles with over 40 models in stock.

We’ve received some more ukuleles: Gloss finish Kala concert, Meranti wood concert …also available in soprano and tenor), Exotic Mahogany concert, Makala acoustic-electric concert, Teak tri-top  acoustic-electric concert, and Grace Vanderwaal signature. and a KAB baritone on the far right …also have the Makala baritone.
Our String and accessory inventory continues to increase. We have a pretty good core assortment of our most popular strings and other accessories now. Feel free to call 540-434-4159 to ask if we have something.
We are doing our best to increase our guitar inventory despite the shortages currently prevailing. (at the beginning of December we had zero) This picture is out of date since we’ve sold all of the electrics pictured here.  However other models have come in or are on the way. We have some very nice acoustic and acoustic-electric models from Breedlove Ibanez, Alvarez and some Fender acoustics. Limited electrics, but more are on the way.



Tama snare drums. Woodworks 6.5″ x 14″ (sold, another on order), Metalworks 5.5″ x 14″ $129.99, Metalworks 4″ x 13″
…Sorry no snare stands in stock at this point.
We now have a good number of our most popular adapters and cables from Hosa.

More products arriving pretty much every day!  

December 5, 2020, Saturday.  Open 10-5. We got a number of things in yesterday

Many of our most popular picks are now in stock. We have finger picks and thumb picks as well.
Not as many sticks and heads as we used to have, but increasing. We have our most popular sets of Vic Firth, Zildjian and Pro Mark sticks and a very basic selection of Evans and Remo drum heads.

December 2, 2020, Wednesday (Reopening Day three)

Guitar, Mic and Music Stands are in
We got in a shipment of OnStage stands and related accessories: guitar stands, keyboard stands, music stands,  mic stands, mic clips, sustain pedals, recording isolation shield, pop filters and iPad/tablet/phone mounts

We have Shure Microphones back in stock (SM58, SM58S, PGA58, PGA57 & PGA48hz)

Update December 1, 2020 (Day two)

Breedlove guitars
Breedlove Guitars!

Today was a good day.  Thanks to everyone who has come to see our humble “re-beginning.”  Yesterday evening and today we received 10 Breedlove acoustic-electric guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Some Martin and Elixir strings, some Kala ukuleles, a better selection of accessories  and some Tama snare drums.

More Strings. SIT strings are due in Friday

Kala Ukuleles

Monday, November 28 (Getting ready for day one)

We have a few Fender and D’Addario guitar cables, More cables on the way!

We have a couple of slides and other accessories. Unfortunately we have very few guitar picks (We have Fender Medium and Heavy) but we have Clayton and Dunlop on the way

Guitar Strings: We have a core selection of our best selling D’Addario guitar sets. Acoustic Phosphor Bronze, EXL and NYXL electrics, classical, mandolin, banjo and bass. We also have some single strings …although 9s and 10s were backordered.

Our string selection on day (We have more now)

SIT strings are on the way.

We have Kyser and D’Addario/Planet Waves Capos.


Pedals: We have MXR Clone loopers, the new FOD distortion, the EVH 5150 Overdrive, a mini bass Wah and and Carbon Copy Delay. More Dunlop pedals and picks are on the way.




We have ProMark 5A Nylon and Wood tip,  TXR747 Natural wood & nylon tip, and one set of the Glenn Kotche wave.  Our most popular Vic Firth and Zildjian sticks are on order.

We have a basic selection of Evans Drums heads 12, 13, 14, 16, 20 & 22″