Bluetooth Systems, Speakers & Adapter

Hometown Music has a growing selection of portable bluetooth-compatible gear for all types of applications.  From small form desktop speakers to 1,100 watt self-contained PA systems for small to medium gigs, these speakers are easy to transport and simple to set up.  We have some battery powered options, as well as a stand-alone bluetooth receiver.

Powerwerks Speakers

These great sounding self-contained PA systems sound extremely good for the price, and have a good selection of power levels and speaker sizes.  The Powerwerks line-up also includes bluetooth options in their 200 watt system.  A  battery powered bluetooth desktop speaker is also available from Powerwerks.

Fender Speakers

The Fender Fighter Speakers are 1,100 watt self-contained PA systems featuring three input channels, bluetooth connectivity, and options for a 12″ or 10″ woofer paired with a 1″ titanium horn-loaded high-frequency compression driver.  These very portable, durable and quite versatile speakers have plenty of headroom for a variety of different live audio applications, and are perfect for bands, solo performers, DJs, schools, houses of worship and businesses.

The Fender Passport Venue is a 600 watt PA system with a 10-channel powered mixer and 2 full range satellite speakers. This is the only Fender Passport model with bluetooth connectivity and includes 13 inputs for pics, stereo and usb stereo. The powered mixer has an optional phantom power switch and high-impedance (hi-Z) instrument/line switch.

Also new from Fender is the Newport and the Monterey desktop bluetooth speakers.  These compact portable speakers allow you to take Fender’s great sounding speakers and classic amplifier design anywhere you go.  The battery powered Newport is a 30 watt tri-driver system with tone controls, an 1/8″ aux input, and usb port to charge external devices.  The 120 watt Monterey gets a huge sound from it’s 2 woofers and 2 tweeters all from a small wooden enclosure built with the same quality as the legendary Fender amplifiers.

Hosa Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter

Another option for bluetooth connectivity is the Hosa Bluetooth Receiver.  This battery powered device uses an 1/8″ audio input and can be integrated into almost any audio setup to add bluetooth connectivity where it is not already.  This very portable bluetooth receiver is small enough to be carried in a pocket, and has a long battery life.