…updated May 13, 2020,

COVID-19 Policy:  After serious reflection Hometown is choosing to remain open and serve our community as long as we are allowed and it seems prudent to do so.  We wish to protect the health of our customers and staff by following recommendations and directives from government and health authorities and wish to update you on our current thoughts:

The new Phase One guidelines require us to control access to the store keeping 6′ of spacing between groups and with a 10 person limit in the store.  On a busy day you may need to wait before you come into the store although that hasn’t happened often. We still must limit handling instruments and other items.

Effective 5/29/2020 Governor Northam’s Executive order 63 requires everyone aged 10 and over who comes in the store to wear a mask.

This is a new experience, and frankly, it will continue to be challenging and sometimes messy. We will be doing our best and reconfiguring when we can to make it work. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we do our best to remain open to serve you as safely and effectively as possible.

If you need something we will be available 10-6 Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and 10-5 Saturday.

  • Curbside Service Available: If you prefer, you may call in advance and we can get things together and bring them out to your car. If it’s under $100 we can process your transaction over the phone. If it’s over $100 we need to take your card into the store and process the transaction and bring out the receipt for you to sign.
  • Our Showroom is open: However we must manage the number of group(s) in the store at a time to honor the 6′ rule and a government-mandated maximum of 10 people total in the store. We’ve had very little need for people to wait outside but we may need you to do that if we get busy. Monday & Wednesday have been less busy, Friday has been our busiest day.
  • We are sometimes very busy with customers in the store and can’t answer the phone.  We answer the phone whenever we can, but we don’t walk away from a customer to answer it. Give us 10 minutes or leave a message and we’ll get back to you.
  • Please do your best to honor the 6′ rule inside and outside the store. If people are in the area immediately inside the door please wait  to come in until they move or exit the store.
  • For safety and to help us meet cleaning requirements please reasonably minimize your time in the store, limit casual browsing and avoid handling things unnecessarily.
  • We are wearing masks in the store for your protection as required by the new guidelines. Effective 5/29/2020 Governor Northam’s Executive order 63 requires everyone aged 10 and over who comes in the store to wear a mask.
  • Government guidelines require that persons with a fever, COVID-19 symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19 in the last 14 days may not come into the store.

We are, of course, doing extra hand washing and cleaning in the store.

As always we greatly appreciate our awesome customers! Thank you for your support and understanding and we hope to help you keep on making music.

If you have questions give us a call and we’ll do our best to help and work out what you need.  (540) 434-4159 We are short-handed so if you call when we’re busy, and we can’t get to the phone please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.