Gift Ideas

A few suggestions that might be helpful for the musician who already has almost everything…

Gift Certificates

Hometown offers gift certificates for any amount; a practical choice for musicians who have almost everything already.

jimiPeaceFender Shirts & more

Along with all of our Fender guitars and amps Hometown is also pleased to offer official Fender clothing and accessories. We also have some shirts from Zildjian and Seymour Duncan.




trdltblHot New Item!  New this year at Hometown, these high-quality picks are handmade here in the US (Nashville, Tennessee) and have been a hit with most of the guitarists who check them out. A perfect gift for the musician who already has “everything!” Most models range between, $4-$5.




This handheld gyroscope builds and conditions hands, wrists and forearms while also increasing hand speed and endurance. It’s like having a personal musician’s gym in the palm of your hand. Simply start the rotation and then with a rocking motion, build up the gyroscopic speed and feel the burn. Great for keeping the playing muscles toned when away from your instrument or for pre-show warm up.

  • Exercise and condition hands, wrists, and forearms
  • Increases hand speed
  • Improve endurance
  • Great for pre-show warm-up

Spider Capos

We’ve had a lot if people asking about the Spider capo which is a variable partial capo that lets you capo individual strings and leave open the ones you don’t want to capo.

We also stock the Kyser “Cut Capo” which is not as versatile but is less expensive and easier to use.




Tension Watch

Getting a drum properly in tune TW200makes a big difference in its sound but can be quite a challenge. We’ve had a really positive response from the guys who have tried these. It’s especially beneficial to a help a beginning drummer get a better sound, but even experienced drummers have been impressed with how it helps them get a better sound or get there more easily.

Precise tuning used to take years of experience, and tuning each drum often felt like it took years. No more. The TW200 measures actual head tension on an easy to read meter, so you can record the numbers and duplicate your best tuning time after time. Or you can use the suggested sample tunings in the directions. Either way Tension Watch lets you spend more time playing and less time tuning.