Beginner Guitar & Bass Packages

Hometown stocks reasonably priced, good quality beginner packages for both acoustic and electric guitar and electric bass.  Package availability sometimes varies depending on the time of year and what our vendors make available.

We also stock 3/4 sized acoustic guitars.
(Plus a good selection of ukuleles which make great beginner instruments)

Hometown has acoustic & electric guitar packages from Fender


The Squier® Affinity Strat® Pack and the Squier® Strat® Pack include everything you need to start rocking right out of the box! The Affinity Series™ Stratocaster Pack features a humbucking bridge pickup and two single-coil Strat pickups. The vintage-style Fender® tremolo bridge, “C”-shaped maple neck and lightweight, comfortable body makes this a great guitar to play. This package includes the Fender Frontman® 15G amplifier.

The short-scale (24″), single-coil Stratocaster package is ideal for players with smaller hands and provides a comfortable playing feel.  The included Squier Frontman® 10G amplifier is the perfect companion for jamming or practicing in a small room.

The Squier Affinity Strat Packs also include a strap, cable and picks.







Ibanez Acoustic Jam Packs

Perfect for beginning students, Jam Packs come with “Everything You Need To Get Out and Jam”-guitar, electronic tuner, gig bag and more. Every Jam Pack guitar is individually inspected and features a limited lifetime warranty.

I’ve talked with hundreds of people over the last 25+ years and many have the same very practical and logical concern. They want the least expensive package they can get and still feel good about having their son or daughter use it to learn to play.

They don’t want to tie up extra money when they’re not sure their child is going to stay with it long enough to learn to play. On the other hand no one wants a guitar that prevents you from learning! A guitar that is too hard to play or sounds so bad that it kills the motivation of anyone who tries to play it is the best way to make sure your child doesn’t stick with it.

If that’s where you are, then Ibanez has the package for you. This are real, full-size guitars that play properly and are made to last a lifetime. The guitars alone are worth the price of the package and the included accessories make it an exceptional value.