Hometown carries a good selection of Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars with a focus on quality instruments for reasonable prices.  We stock the most popular options from $130-$1000 from PRS, Fender, Squier, Alvarez, and Ibanez.

We also have Ukuleles and Acoustic Basses.

Guitar & Instrument Accessories

Hometown has a wide variety of Guitar & Instrument Accessories in the store.  Our selection includes strings for various instruments, effect pedals, cables, picks, straps, slides, stands, tuners, capos, metronomes, humidifiers and much, much more…


Guitar Brands:  PRS, Fender, Squier, Alvarez, & Ibanez.


Hometown Music periodically has used guitars and basses in stock.  Please check with us, or stop in to see the current items we have available.