New Drumsticks at Hometown

Diamondback Drumsticks

These new laser-engraved non-slip drumsticks feature unique textures in the wood to maximize grip while playing the drums.  The special scale-like design creates proper friction in the hands and on the fingers so you can keep playing long after you begin to sweat.  Diamondback sticks are made in the U.S.A from premium-grade hickory and are specifically pitch and weight matched.

Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks

Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks contain a patented feature that effectively reduces key vibrations.  Developed in conjunction with Sims Vibration Laboratory, a company that develops anti-vibration products for a number of industries, these drumsticks help reduce fatigue in your hands and arms while playing the drums.

Zildjian DIP Sticks

The DIP material is a special coating that is applied to the grip area of the stick to provide a comfortable, slightly tacky gripping surface. Allowing drummers to loosen their grip and relax their hands, these sticks will take a beating while keeping your hands from getting tired.  The innovative black DIP coating was created through extensive research and development with top percussionist Marc Quinones to provide a great grip on the drumstick and a unique stick sound.

Zildjian Josh Dun Artist Series Drumsticks

The Josh Dun Artist Series stick is built to stand up to the aggressive grooves that drive Twenty One Pilots. It features a beefed up 5A shaft with extra length for more reach and effortless velocity. Its medium taper keeps everything in balance and the oval tip creates a surface area ideal for punchy drums and bright cymbals. On this eye catching red stick is a reproduction of Josh’s signature and Twenty One Pilots’ Skeleton Clique “Alien Josh” logo.

ProMark Active Grip

ProMarks new Active Grip Technology introduces the world’s first heat-activated drumsticks. The grip adjusts to your body’s temperature and gets tackier the more you sweat.  The thin coating offers optimal grip without sacrificing the feel and adds no noticeable weight or diameter to the stick.

Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570

After 16 years using Promark, Wilco’s Glenn Kotche wanted a stick that catered to his versatility, while helping him to relax his grip. So he teamed up with Promark to make his signature Active Wave 570, designed with a contoured handle for better control.  The Active Wave drumstick features Promark’s Active Grip Technology combined with a  Wave Handle to give the best grip you can get on a drumstick.

Mike Portnoy Active Grip 420x

Mike Portnoy developed the classic 420 for progressive styles. But to play with bands like Winery Dogs, Twisted Sister and Metal Allegiance, he needs a stick that’s made for heavier playing. So he worked with Promark to design the ActiveGrip 420X to add more power and control to his arsenal.