Our old sign was causing confusion

*UPDATE*  April 21, 2017.  The sign pictured below has been removed from our old location.  Hopefully that will reduce confusion.  Thanks Steven Toyota!

Hometown’s location for our first 13 years  was at 2990 South Main Street next to Steven Toyota.  We moved to our current location at 38 Miller Circle in February 2013.  Since the sign panels were too big to use at our new location, dealing with the old sign got overlooked in the process of moving.  Unfortunately that has caused some confusion over the years.

Our original understanding was that the old building (now owned by Steven Toyota) was going to be torn down soon after we moved out. We figured the sign would be gone soon,  but that hasn’t happened. …It’s their building, so they can do what they want.

For the last couple of years Steven Toyota has been using the parking lot of the old building as a clearance lot, and they’ve had banners covering the old sign as shown here


However the top banners have disappeared in the last month or so. (We suspect during the high winds we had earlier this year)

Understandably that’s caused some confusion for people who don’t know the history of the old location, so we thought it would be good to make a post about it.

So just to set the record straight: The sign next to Steven Toyota is our old location.  Hometown is now located at 38 Miller Circle, just off South Main, behind the South Main Wendy’s. (Turn off of South Main onto Miller Circle between Wendy’s and El Charro)  That’s about a mile and a half North of the old location (& sign).  Our phone number is 540-434-4159.

We didn’t go out of business and hope to stay at our current location on Miller Circle for a long time.

While we’re on the subject, the Music Doctor who shared the old location with us, is also still in business. Hometown serves as his drop-off location.  Just bring your music gear that needs fixing to us, and he’ll pick it up, fix it and bring it back to the store.  You can call him at (540) 820-1253

Our current location at 38 Miller Circle, Harrisonburg VA 22801. (Next door to Blue Sprocket Sound)