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Hometown offers a selection of self-contained, portable PA systems from Powerwerks and Fender.  These powered speaker options are very versatile, and come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  We also carry a selection of popular microphones from Shure, Audio Technica & Fender.

Fender Fighter Series

The Fender Fighter powered speakers are 1,100 watt self-contained PA systems featuring three input channels and 2-band EQ per channel.  With the option for a 12″ or 10″ woofer paired with a 1″ titanium horn-loaded high-frequency compression driver, these speakers have plenty of headroom for a variety of different live applications.  Along side the input channels, these speakers include Loop Output with Subwoofer crossover switch for adding more speakers to the setup. The added Bluetooth connectivity make this a very portable, durable and quite versatile choice for live audio, and is perfect for bands, solo performers, DJs, schools, houses of worship and businesses.

Vocal & Instrument Microphones

At Hometown Music, we keep a stock of popular vocal & instrument microphones from Shure, Audio Technica & Fender. We stock the legendary Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone & the SM57 Instrument Microphone, as well as some other good options from Shure.  We also have Drum Mic Kits from Audio Technica & Sabian.

Wireless Mic Systems & Wireless Guitar Systems are also available in-store.  We carry a variety of options and configurations of wireless systems.

USB Microphones

We have a selection of USB Microphones from Audio Technica that are great for desktop home recording studios.  The Audio Technica 2020USB+ is a desktop mic with a built in audio interface, and is perfect for quickly recording tracks into your DAW.