Portable Sound Systems

passport_conferenceHometown is pleased to offer a number of choices in portable sound systems.  The recently updated Fender Passport® systems offer excellent sound and portability in a traditional format with two speakers and a powered head.  The Passport systems snap together into one compact package for easy transport and are surprisingly light weight.  Prices start at just $399.99.

Click here for more information at Fender.com


The Powerwerks PW series self-contained systems start at just $129.99 for the PW50 which provides 50 watts, two microphone/line inputs and one auxiliary input.

Just one PW50 provides an amazing amount of sound, but if you need more sound or inputs, just add another PW50 and connect their Powerlink jacks with a mic cable to double the number of inputs and provide 100 watts of sound.

Also available are 100 and 150 watt versions plus a reasonably priced powered subwoofer that will work with any of the sizes.

It’s hard to convey just how versatile these systems are and how great they sound.  Please come in and check them out.