Powerwerks Powered Speakers

PW12PMPowerWerks Powered PA Speakers & Monitors.

We carry the Powered Mains and Monitors from the PowerWerks family of products. We stock a limited selection of these powered mains and monitors. We can special order any models that we don’t have in stock.

PowerWerks specializes in quality products at very reasonable prices.  Choose from 10″ 50 Watt, 12″ 100 Watt, and 15″ 100 Watt powered main and monitor cabinets. Each features XLR Balanced / 1/4 inch Balanced, Unbalanced input and 1/4″ Balanced, unbalanced Line Out.

Powerwerks products are designed in the USA to deliver high-quality audio, intelligent features, and rugged reliability at an unbeatable price.