Our most popular PA item is the self contained PW50.

The PW50 has 50 watts and a 3 channel mixer including two channels with XLR mic & 1/4″ Line inputs and one line channel with a 1/8″ stereo jack.

The Powerlink feature enables multiple PW50s to be linked together with all of the mixer channels mixed together through all of the linked PW50s.

The PW50 has a surprisingly full sound for it’s small size, but also has a subwoofer output that can be used with the optional PW112S powered subwoofer.

And the really amazing part is the price. The PW50 powered main/monitor speaker is only $129.99, it’s subwoofer counterpart the PW112S is $279.99. The PW100T is a 100 watt version of the PW50 with twice the power and four woofers instead of two. The PW100 is $199.99.  There is also a PW150 that has effects built-in (delay, chorus, and reverb) which starts at $279.99.