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Many items are below the minimum we are allowed to advertise so they can not be listed here.
Specials are limited to current inventory. See store for full details. 


We try to feature a sample of sale specials here.   Other specials are usually available in the store.

Please come in, play some guitars (ukuleles, keyboards, cajons, stomp boxes etc) and check out our store and some excellent specials.

Guitar Sale!

Now through May 26, at Hometown we have the majority of our acoustic & electric guitars and basses on sale.

Prices are too low to post online, but they are worth coming in to check out.  Specials are good in-store only.  We don’t do mail-order.

Specials are good on current inventory while they last.


The Kala KA15s is on sale for $10 off.

Our best selling ukulele is only $44.99!

On sale until the end of May


Tama S.L.P. Vintage Maple/Poplar Snare


The D’Addario Humiditrak is a great way to monitor the humidity of your guitar while in the case.  The device will keep track of the humidity and temperature levels of all your instruments with a discreet Bluetooth sensor, free app and push notifications. Currently on sale, price too low to list.

Specials are limited to current inventory.

*Manufacturer’s restrictions limit what details we can post online because of advertised pricing limits they have set.  Specials are limited to current inventory. See store for full details. Our regular price on most major items is usually the same as any legitimate mail-order dealer.

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