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Year-end clearance continues through 1/11/20.
Many specials in-store now


We almost always have a number of items on sale.  Often at prices too low to list here.  No mail-order.  Limited to quantity on hand. Due to manufacturer’s advertising restrictions we can not show prices or model numbers on most items. Please come in, try out some instruments, and check out the specials.

• Check our clearance bin and displays throughout the store for a number of accessories and strings on sale or clearance.

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On Sale Now Highlights: More Specials and Pricing Available In-Store.

Amplifiers on sale – One only of most models

• Fender Rumble Bass Stack w/ 800W Head, 4×10 Cab and 1×15 Cab

• Fender Bassbreaker 45

• Fender Bassbreaker 007

• Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

• Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV

• Fender Blues junior IV

More amps on sale in the store


Drums on sale

• All Drum Sets Clearance priceed!

• All Cymbals on Sale


Guitar Pedals on sale

• DigiTech Drop Pedal (Polyphonic Transposition)

• MXR Bass Compressor, Distortion & Chorus pedals on sale

• Digitech loopers on sale

•Digitech RP360XP Multi-Effect on sale.

• More pedals on sale in the store


Digital Pianos on sale

• Casio PX-160 88-Key Keyboard w/ Piano Action & Stand

• Casio PX-S3000 88-Key Keyboard w/ Piano Action


Guitars and Bass Guitars on sale

• PRS SE Custom 24 (Whale Blue)

• PRS SE 245 (Whale Blue)

• Ibanez RG742 (Dragon’s Eye Burst)

• Ibanez RGMS7 Fan Fret 7-sring(Black)

• Fender Player Series Telecaster (3-Tone Sunburst)

• Fender Player Series Stratocaster (3-Tone Sunburst)

• Ibanez SR305 (Metallic Sage Green)

• Fender CB60SCE Acoustic/Electric Bass (Natural)

More guitars on sale in the store


Audio on sale

• Fender Passport Event and Conference PA systems on sale

• Fender wired earbuds

• Fender Monterey Bluetooth speaker

• Fender Newport Bluetooth portable speaker

• Powerwerks Bluetooth portable speaker



• We have specials on selected Ukuleles & U•Basses

Guitars Accessories on sale

• All EMG pickups in-stock clearance priced

• All Fender Accessories and T-shirts 10% off


More specials in the store!

Specials are limited to current inventory. In-store sales only. No mail order.

*Manufacturer’s restrictions limit what details we can post online because of advertised pricing limits they have set.  Specials are limited to current inventory. See store for full details. Our regular price on most major items is usually the same as any legitimate mail-order dealer.

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