We lost all of our inventory and fixtures due to the explosion and fire on October 17.

Our Available Inventory page has updates on our restocking process

We have restocked our most popular instrument & audio accessories.

Our selection includes strings for various instruments, effect pedals, cables, picks, straps, slides, stands, tuners, capos, metronomes, humidifiers and more…

Recently arrived Ernie Ball String sets
Recently arrived Ernie Ball String sets

Guitar Strings & Picks

We stock many string sets for guitar, bass and other instruments. Our string selection includes sets from D’Addario, S.I.T., Ernie Ball, GHS, Exilir, Martin, Fender, PRS & Aquila. We also have picks from Dunlop, Fender, Clayton, Golden Gate, Dava & more.

Guitar Pedals & Effects

Guitar stomp boxes  from MXR & Ibanez.

Vocal & Instrument Microphones

At Hometown Music, we a stock  vocal & instrument microphones from Shure, & Audio Technica.   Wireless Mic Systems  are also available in-store.  We carry a variety of options and configurations of wireless systems. In addition, we have a selection of USB Microphones that are great for desktop home recording.


Instrument, mic and speaker cables plus a whole wall full of adapters and specialty cables.  We keep a selection of popular lengths and types from Fender, D’Adarrio Planet Waves, PRS, Ernie  Ball, Hosa & On-Stage Hot Wires.


We sell music stands, including a couple of clamp on options.  We have microphone stands including straight and boom stands and various shorter stands for table top use or miking amps and drum sets.  We have a good variety of guitar, keyboard, amp & speaker stands as well.


We have many choices available for Kyser branded CaposShubb, Paige, Dunlop, Ernie Ball, and D’addario are also in stock.



We also have Gaffers Tape in multiple widths.


Drum Accessories

We keep an inventory of popular drumheads from Evans and Remo.  As for drum sticks, we carry Pro•Mark, Vic Firth, Zildjian, as well as budget grade On-stage sticks. In addition, we have a variety of dampening options for drums, such as: Moon Gel, Tone Rings (Evans), Bass Drum Patches/Pads (Evans & Remo). And also, Pure Sound Snare Drum Strainers.


Other Instruments at Hometown

We carry Fender and Hohner harmonicas, kazoos, tin whistles, & jaw harps.