Cool Stuff

If you’re looking for a unique gift or just something cool and different for yourself, here are some interesting items, as well as a number of basic practical things.  …and if figuring out the right gift is still too tough, we always have gift certificates.

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Jaw Harps

Jaw Harps (Mouth Harps, Jew’s Harp) are a fun, inexpensive way to start making music.  Used in a wide variety of music styles, this small, relatively easy to use instrument can be played just about anywhere!

Hand Exercisers

Looking to strengthen your palm and fingers for playing guitar (or any stringed instrument)…  Hand exercisers can help accelerate the progress of your playing ability, allowing you to fret the notes your instrument much easier. We have several choices.

Clip-on Tuners

Clip-on tuners have become the go-to device for tuning an instrument with precision.  With bright displays and great accuracy, these tuners are great for acoustic/electric guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, violin and almost any other vibrating instrument.  By picking up the vibrations directly off of the instrument you can tune without interference from other people tuning or playing at the same time.


Guitar Cleaner

It’s important to keep your guitar clean and free of anything that may hurt the finish or possibly the sound quality.  It’s also important to use a product that will not damage your instrument when cleaning it.  Dunlop’s 65 Cleaner is a tried and true product for cleaning the wood of most instrument bodies.

Polishing Cloths

Just as important as the solution you use to clean your guitar with, it’s important to use a cloth that will not scratch the finish of the instrument as your buffing smudges out.

Wall Hangers


PRS Locking Tuners

Hometown now has locking tuning machines designed to be an easy replacement for the SE series guitars that we sell. $95 for a set of 6.