Some recently arrived electric guitars

Some recently arrived bass guitars

Most guitars are backordered right now, but we’re doing our best to restock after losing all of our inventory and fixtures in the explosion and fire on October 17.

Hometown carries a selection of Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars with a focus on quality instruments for reasonable prices.  We stock popular options from  PRS, Fender, Squier, Alvarez, and Ibanez.

We also have Ukuleles and Acoustic Basses.


Guitar & Instrument Accessories

Hometown has a variety of Guitar & Instrument Accessories in the store.  Our selection includes strings for various instruments, effect pedals, cables, picks, straps, slides, stands, tuners, capos, metronomes, humidifiers and much, much more…


Guitar Brands:  PRS, Fender, Squier, Alvarez, Breedlove & Ibanez.


Hometown Music sometimes has used guitars and basses in stock.  Please check with us, or stop in to see the current items we have available.