Hometown Music Store Overview


We lost all of our inventory and fixtures due to the explosion and fire on October 17, 2020

Please see our Available Inventory page for an overview of what we’ve been able to restock

Click here for information and directions for our new location.

For general information on our store status and COVID policies you can check our Store Status Page

Other information on this page may be out of date


This was our 38 Miller Circle location that was destroyed on 10/17/20

Hometown Music is Harrisonburg’s musical instrument store offering friendly local service on guitars and other instruments you can touch and try out. Our pricing matches or beats typical mail-order pricing on most major items. We sell guitars & amps, ukuleles, drums, cajons, digital pianos keyboards, harmonicas and accordions and a good selection of accessories. (and gift certificates)

Hometown is not a catalog or mail-order store and this website gives only a brief overview of what we carry. Feel free to visit our store, call (540) 434-4159, email , or message us on our facebook page if you are looking for a specific item.

We focus on having a good selection of quality, reasonable priced instruments in the store and  give you as much (or as little) help as you want picking out what you need.  Feel free to just come in and try out some guitars.

We are now located at 1594 South Main Street.  Please come in and check us out!